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About A Survey of Beipu Township
I. Location and dimension

Situated in the southeast of the county, this Township is under jurisdiction of Hsinchu County and is 19.8 kilometers away from the county government. It is close to Zhudong Town to the east and adjacent to Emei Township to the west, to Baoshan Township to the north and to Wufeng Township from Mount Five-finger. Nanzhuang Township and Miaoli county are its neighbors to the southwest. Beipu Township is 8 kilometers wide from the east to the west and 12.8 Km long from the south to the north, with a total area of 50.667 square kilometers.

II. Population

More than 98% of residents in the Township are Hakkas people of Han nationality from Guangdong Province. Accfording to the statistics by the Cencus Department in May 2007, there is a population of 10437 in this Township, and the population density is 206 per square meters.

III. Traffic conditions

( I ) There are main two roads connecting the Township to the outside :
One is the the 3rd Taiwan Provincial Road that was widened to 20 meters in 1993 (originally it was 7.5 meters wide). It made the close mountainous Beipu open to the outside world and shortened the distance among this Township to other towns and villages in Hsinchu. The route has a section of 8.5 meters long from Fenshuilung to Anwozi in the Township.
Another one is Zhushi No.3 Route (Baoshan Road), connecting Beipu, Baoshan and Hsinchu City. With the development of the sicnece and technology park in Hsinchu City that provides a vast employment market, there are more contacts between the Township and Hsinchu. The widened Zhushi No.3 Route (Baoshan Road) has become the main route and short-cut connecting Hsinchu City.
( II ) Country roads connecting the villages in the Township :
The road system within the Township is a close system due to the topography, for it radiates with the streets in Beipu Settlement as the center.
The roads connecting one village to another can be taken as short-cuts, alone which there is magnificant scenery as important resources for tourism.

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