Person to contact in English and traffic information

I. Person to contact in English

  1. Person to contact : YU CHAO JEN
  2. Tel: 886-3-5802204
  3. E-mail: 10013260@hchg.gov.tw
  4. Address: No. 20 Zhong-Shan rd.,Beipu village, Hsinchu County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

II. Traffic information

  1. Popular transport
    There are passenger transport service from Zhudong to Xiaonankeng, from Zhudong to Shanzhuhu, from Zhudong to Shishan. Tourists can get off at Beipu Station to get to Beipu.
  2. By car
    To the north:From National Zhongshan Express No.1 to Toufen Crossroad to Line 124 at the direction of Sanwan to Taisan Road to Emei to Beipu.
    To the south:From National Express No. 3 (Pei er kao) to Zhulin crossroad to Line 120 to Zhudong direction to Line 122 at the direction of Wufeng, turn right to Taisan Road to Beipu.
    To westeast:Zhubei to the direction of Zhudong Rongmin Hospital, turn right to Taisan Road to Beipu.